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Image by Dariusz Sankowski

Get ready for adventure!

The Great Tennessee Yarn Tour is a one-of-a-kind road trip visiting some of Tennessee's finest yarn shops and fiber destinations! Over the course of several weeks in August, Tourists will hit the highways, byways, main streets and back roads all for the love of yarn! Visit your favorite yarn shops, discover new ones, meet fun people, chat with shop owners, grab a mini-skein, and get creatively inspired!

How to Tour

1. Buy a ticket

Like many grand adventures, the first step in the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour is buying a ticket! With a ticket, you become an "official" Yarn Tourist and are able to enjoy the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour to the fullest!

  • Tickets cost $20 and are available for purchase online only. 

  • Click here to buy your ticket for 2024! 

  • Tickets are on sale until June 15, 2024.

2. plan your trip

Between buying your ticket and the beginning of the Tour is the perfect time to plan your trip. Tell all your friends to buy tickets, because road trips are more fun with fiber friends! 


Review participating shops, their locations, and hours. MapQuest* has a multi-stop Route Planner that allows you to add up to 26 stops. This is a great tool if you want to look at different options for visiting multiple shops at time.

*This is just a suggestion. We are not responsible for MapQuest or the routes it provides.


Be sure to follow the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour and all of the participating shops on social media to get the latest updates leading up to the Tour! 

3. hit the fiber road!

The Great Tennessee Yarn Tour kicks off August 3 and runs through August 31. That's 4 full weeks to explore the Fiber Road!

One of your first stops will be to pick up your Travel Pack. This is your tote bag and 2024 Tour goodies! It will be waiting for you at the shop you selected when buying your ticket. 

Please remember - this is a Tour, not a race. Visit shops at your own pace and schedule. Tourists are encouraged to spend quality time at each destination, get to know shop owners and other Tourists, and enjoy the journey! 


This yarn tour is not about trying to visit as many shops as possible as quickly as possible (unless that's your thing). We want Tourists to tour in your own style. Visit as many, or few, shops as you like. We hope, wherever you visit, you are inspired, intrigues, and have an amazing adventure!

What's Included

Your ticket is the key to experiencing the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour to the fullest! Your ticket transforms you into a Tourist and includes:

Travel pack
  • Commemorative 2024 Tote Bag

  • Printed Guide Book

  • Printed Pattern Booklet (includes 2024 Official Patterns)

  • Fun swag!

mini skeins

Each participating shop will be featuring an exclusive mini-skein of fingering weight yarn, acquired or created just for this year's Tour! You *must* have a Yarn Tour ticket to be able to purchase a mini-skeins. You can use these mini-skeins and the 2024 Patterns to create a one-of-a-kind Tour Memento.​

special attractions

Throughout the Tour, participating shops may offer special deals, giveaway, or promotions just for Tourists! You will need a Ticket to be able to advantage of these great specials!

triple grand prize giveaway

Why have just one grand prize when you could have three? By purchasing a 2024 Ticket, you are automatically entered into the Triple Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the Tour. This is not based on how many shops you visit; it is automatic. However, you must buy a ticket to be eligible.

What to Expect

Expect a lot of fun! Imagine a month-long holiday dedicated to yarn and the people who love it. That's what the Yarn Tour is. 

Each of the participating shops is completely unique, with their own passions, focus, and favorite products. No two shops are exactly the same! Each shop does share a passion for yarn, fiber, and our creative community. We hope you are warmly welcomed and discover a new shop where you'll feel right at home.

Each shop is working diligently behind the scenes to make your Yarn Tour experience unforgettable. You may find giveaways, special guests, pop-up shops and trunk shows, free gifts, extended hours, door prizes, and even games at each shop! The special attractions by shop will vary - this is part of the uniqueness of each shop!

Photos from the 2023 Tour!

Thank you, Tourists, for sharing your experiences!

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