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2023 Yarn Tour Pattern Inspiration

Hello Tourists & Friends!

Now that we're a couple weeks beyond the 2023 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour, you may be ready to start tackling the patterns that were included in your Tourist Pack! Whether you are using your Yarn Tour mini-skeins, or creating your own palette, the opportunities for playing with color are endless!

We asked the 2023 shops to share pictures of their Yarn Tour patterns to inspire and encourage all of you, as you get ready to start your next stitching adventure!

Knit: Touring Tennessee Shawl

Designed by: Leedra Scott

Available for purchase on Ravelry

Crochet: Epic Road Trip Wrap

Designed by: Robin Adams

Available on Ravelry and CRYC Website

How is your Yarn Tour shawl or wrap going? We would love to see your approach to these patterns! Share pics of your projects in a comment below or email to .


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Sep 13, 2023

Thank you for this. I was trying to put together a folder of them from my pictures. This tour has been and absolute blessing in many ways.


Susan Carnes
Susan Carnes
Sep 13, 2023

I love that I recognize some of the shops! The Yarn Tour really expanded my knowledge of and interest in local and nearly-local shops.

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