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Meet the Designers

When it came to patterns for the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour, we thought "Why should people choose between knit or crochet? Why not have both?" Throw in a couple (or all 13) mini-skeins, and the rest is history!

Each Yarn Tour ticket comes with 2 brand new patterns designed especially for the the 2023 Yarn Tour. When creating the patterns, we asked the designers to come up with a pattern that would a) use multiple mini-skeins and b) allow the stitcher to use as many or as few mini-skeins as he/she wanted. The end result would be a highly-customizable shawl or wrap that "documents" each Tourists' journey on the Yarn Tour.

Our designers rose to the task and created 2 patterns that are a treasure trove of color and texture. We wanted to take a moment to introduce these wonderful women and their patterns!

Touring Tennessee

Knit Shawl Design by Leedra Scott

(c) 2023 Smoky Mountain Spinnery

Leedra Scott has been an avid knitter for over 40 years, but it wasn't until 2009 that she became "obsessive." At this time, she started designing and now says there are not enough hours in the day to write up what she has designed and knit. She has a Ravelry knit group called Heirloom Goods and also a pattern store. Be sure to tag heirloomgoods to your projects knit or crocheted from her designs!

Epic Road Trip

Crochet Wrap Design by Robin Adams

Robin Adams is the co-owner of Clinch River Yarn Co. in Clinton, TN and the founder of Just a Girl & Her Dog Yarns, showcasing her hand-dyed fiber creations. She started dyeing yarn and fiber in 2017, with her canine best friend and the namesake of her company, Maya.

A Round of Applause

Dear Leedra and Robin, thank you so much for all your hard work creating, testing, and finalizing these designs and patterns. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and creating patterns that our Tourists can cherish for years to come! You are both awesome and appreciated!

A Souvenir that you make!

Both the knit and crochet patterns are highly customizable to your tastes and how you arrange your mini-skeins. You can build your own palette, with each row reminding you of a different stop on the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour.

Here are some examples of each, that you'll find on display at the GTYT shops!

How will you make it?

We would love to see what you come up with when you start working on your Souvenirs! Share your in-progress or finished creations via email to Info@GreatTennesseeYarnTour and tag us on Facebook and Instagram!


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