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Tickets are LIVE!!!

Tickets for the 2024 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour are now on sale! We are so excited to bring this event back! To give everyone as many chances as possible to get in on the fiber fun, we have expanded the Ticket-buying window, so you can purchase tickets from March 1 - June 15, 2024.

New to buying tickets? Need a refresher? Here's a quick video that will walk you through the ticket-buying process:

When buying tickets, remember:

  • The last question for Pick-Up Location is a drop-down menu. Click on this to expand the list and choose at which store you would like to pick up your Travel Pack.

  • If you are purchasing multiple tickets, you will need to complete Tourist Details and Pick-Up Location for each Ticket.

Tickets will be on sale through June 15! Tell all your friends - we don't want anyone to miss this year's Yarn Tour!



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