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Why you should submit a pattern for the 2024 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour

Updated: Mar 6

In 2023, we had this BIG IDEA to bring back some sort of yarn crawl to East Tennessee. We chose the name Great Tennessee Yarn Tour on purpose, because we figured that if the first year went well, we would expand to the rest of the state.

And -- based on your feedback -- it did go well. Really well. You came, you saw, you supported, and you conquered the Yarn Tour. We (as participating shop owners) could not have been more thankful and excited for the response.

In September 2023, a small group of us met to debrief a bit from August and also start laying the groundwork for 2024. We discussed what went well, what could use tweaking, new ideas, old ideas, and everything in between.

What bound us together was a shared heart for Tennessee and our creative community.

At the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour, we ❤️ Tennessee. I don't mean that ironically or sarcastically. I mean it in all earnestness. Many of the shop owners (including the one currently writing this) are not even from TN originally, but it has become our home. Here, we have been able to start a business, find community, and make friends with other people who love to talk about twist, microns, staple length, ply, DPNs vs magic loop, to magic circle or just chain 3, the pain of frogging, and the pride of finishing off, just as much as we do.

Here, we have found hundreds of men and women who are willing to drive all over the "greenest state in the land of the Free" during one of the hottest months of the year all in the name of yarn.

Your creativity, commitment to local yarn shops, and passion for fiber is stunning.

So for the 2024 Yarn Tour, we thought, "Why not try to tap into some of this stunning creativity? Why not give our people the chance to make the patterns?" I mean, you all are clearly awesome -- why outsource to anyone else?

This is our rallying cry: The Call for Patterns for the 2024 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour. We love Tennessee, have a heart for our creative community, and want to give YOU the chance to shine and be a part of this amazing road trip.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Original patterns by people currently living in Tennessee that have never, ever been published or shared with the public before

  • Patterns that showcase fun and creative ways to combine fingering-weight mini-skeins in various colors

  • Patterns can be for knitting, crochet, or weaving

  • Patterns can be for any category or skill level.

Think of it like an art contest, but for yarn patterns!

We are asking that your submission includes a detailed description, a swatch, sketches or progress photos, and for bonus points: a sample of written instructions. Don't be scared of this -- think of it as a rough draft. It does not have to be formatted perfectly or professionally, but it does need to show that you have given some thought to your project and are able to communicate your ideas.

Why do we need this? Because the person writing this particular blog post once crocheted a beautiful shawl. Did I write down what I did? Nope. Could I reproduce it? Nope. When customers asked for the pattern, I turned into a deer in the headlights. My idea was good, if I were only making a shawl for myself; however, as a pattern that could be shared with others, it was not achievable or logical. The lesson is: don't be me! Take notes and show us that your idea cannot only come to life, but can be shared with others.

How does it work?

You'll come up with an idea, take notes, practice it and make a swatch, write out a rough draft of the instructions, and submit your idea to us by March 31, 2024.

Read all of the official details here:

We will review all submissions and narrow down our top choices for each craft (knitting, crochet, weaving). The ones we select will become the Official Patterns for the 2024 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour.

And you're thinking, Well, isn't that subjective?

Well, yes, it is. You are creating art, and art is subjective. Whether you're submitting a photo for a gallery show, applying for a booth at a craft fair, or sending a haiku to a poetry contest - you're taking a risk. You can't control how that work of art will be received, but you can control what you put out there.

So put your best foot forward. Read all the details, ask questions, and submit a project that you're proud of!

Think about this Math:

The more people who enter, the more patterns we have to look over, and the harder it will be to choose just one pattern from each craft. If we can't choose just one, we may choose more than one for each craft. In fact, this would be my preference! So encourage all your friends to apply too! The more applications = the more likely we'll be to choose multiple patterns for each craft = more chances your pattern may be selected!

What happens if my pattern is selected?

If your pattern is selected, you'll start working with our Pattern Team to write out your pattern and prepare it for publishing. You'll have 4 weeks to complete your pattern instructions, make adjustments, finish and photograph your sample, and submit a final draft. We'll provide a template you can use and guidance on editing your pattern, if needed. You'll have our full support to make sure your pattern is the best it can be!

All selected patterns will be compiled into a 2024 Pattern Booklet and professionally printed. This booklet will be included every Travel Pack -- this is the tote bag of goodies that Tourists receive when they buy a ticket for the Tour. In 2023, we sold over 350 tickets for the Yarn Tour and are expecting to exceed that this year. This means, your pattern could be in the hands of hundreds of "Tourists" who take part in the 2024 Great Tennessee Yarn Tour.

There are 19 local yarn shops across the state participating this year. These shops will be making samples to showcase the 2024 Official Patterns* that will be seen both by Tourists and their regular customers. Shops may even keep their samples on display after the Yarn Tour or host make-a-longs using the Yarn Tour patterns, giving you direct exposure to fiber enthusiasts before, during, and after the Yarn Tour.

(* We cannot guarantee that every shop will make samples of every pattern, but shops are encouraged to make as many samples as possible)

Anything else?

If your pattern is selected as one of our Official 2024 Patterns, then you'll also receive:

  • A complimentary ticket to the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour

    • This includes the Travel Pack (Tote Bag, Guide book, Pattern booklet, and swag), access to purchase exclusive Tourist-only mini-skeins at each participating shop, access to any Tourist-only specials or giveaways at each participating shop, and automatic entry to the Triple Grand Prize Giveaway!

  • $50 Gift Card to the LYS of your choice (See all participating shops here)

  • A Featured Spot on the Great Tennessee Yarn Tour website

  • A "Meet the Designer" blog post highlighting you and your work

  • Promotion via our Social Media platforms

  • Direct exposure to Local Yarn Shops, fiber enthusiasts, and potential customers around the state

What are you waiting for?

If you are an experienced designer, this is a great opportunity for you to refresh your brand, challenge yourself with a new project, and gain exposure to a whole new facet of customers. If you are brand new to designing, this is an opportunity for you to get experience with pattern design, build new skills, and kick-off a new adventure in your creative life!

Submissions are due by March 31, 11:59 PM.

Next Steps:

  1. Read all the official guidelines here:

2. Complete the Submission Form:

3. Send your written pattern instructions and photos to: Be sure to include your name and pattern title in your email!

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional questions!

Good Luck!

We can't wait to see where the creative road takes you!


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